March 2011 : New projects

an album with Quang Ngohong, eminent Vietnamese singer and instrumentalist. In the style of "Dont be a Stranger". Planned release: Fall of 2011

an album with Kenian singer Neema. Crowd-funded through "Africa unsigned" Neema (one of the "Daughters of Africa") asked me to produce her new album. Planned release: June 2011

an album with music for the course: Quantum Light Breathing. Alix Adams asked me to compose the music for her QLB courses. Planned release: summer 2011

October 2010 the Third Road released

The third road is Leoni's "best of" album. It will complement the Third road tour which starts this month, and will run for two consecutive seasons.

March 2009 Water cd finished

The "Water-cd" I produced with 17 new songs about water, by 17 international artists (Sara Tavares among them) is finished. Commissioned by Aqua4all and other big sponsors. Not for sale in the shops, proceeds will go to water-projects in developping countries..

Feb. 2009 't Minne released

The cd "t Minne"with Three Ality has been released this month. Until now we've had lots of amedia attention and rave reviews. Working towards a theatre tour in 2010/2011.

Dec. 2008 International Award for "Water"

My song "water" (lyrics: Jeroen Zijlstra, Jeroen Kramer) won First Prize in Category "Children" in the USA Songwriting Competition 2008!

Aug. 2008 Second Wind finished

The new Leoni Jansen (double!)album "Second Wind" is finished. We worked on it all summer, release will be on November 15th. It's a beautiful album, comprising "old friends" ( old Folk-classics, from Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, the Band, etc etc.), and "new friends" (relatively unknown new repertoir). Upcoming tour starting in December…